Telephones Putains Paresseux

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Entrikin - 7 September 10:26

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Robin - 19 January 16:31

Par Raymond Desmarteau francais rcinet. Pour justifier sa présence dans le corps social et gagner son pain quotidien, une personne devrait avoir un travail.

Wondoloski - 11 February 06:09

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Santos - 9 August 10:37

Respect is important, but for many people God is not. In the issue of circumcision we should probably stick to the common ground and ask if it serves a practical purpose. (If it does not then it is a form of child mutilation. Based on what I've experienced I'm in favour of male-circumcision entirely on practical and scientifically demonstrable reasons, but I'm just one person. I'm against piecing a child's ears until they request it, but avoiding the mental trauma with postnatal circumcision.

Attaway - 24 April 17:20

Some might say, that this is not comparable, but it really is: There are people who feel better about themself by hating others and if single persons have this opinion, no one is hurt. The problem is, when the ignorance is spread, there will be legislation based on ignorance(like not allowing gay marriage and then there's a problem. When enough people approve of homeopathy the drug administration laws might be changed and harmful or useless products will flood the market.